Unusual Kitchen Gadgets you Never Knew Existed!

Published: 30th May 2011
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Often when people think of kitchen tools and appliances they think of ordinary sorts of things: toasters, orange juice squeezers, cutting boards and knives. However, if someone looks just a bit past the usual, there is a wide array of fascinating, unusual, and stylish kitchen gadgets available. The following are a few examples:

Salad Spinner

You may or may not have heard of a salad spinner. A salad spinner whirls salad foods like lettuce around in a circle to dry it. Nobody likes soggy lettuce! We want salad that is moist but not overly wet. That way when the dressing is added, it won’t be diluted. A salad spinner also helps to aerate and mix the salad.

The premier kitchen appliance company Chalet makes a great high speed salad spinner. It features high speed spinning action, a locking lid, ability to double as a colander and salad bowl, and dishwasher safe construction.

Bean Slicer

The term "French cut green beans" refers to green beans that have been sliced lengthwise. This makes the green beans more tender and easy to eat. Since these vegetables are quite long and thin, slicing them with a knife can be quite a challenge. For this reason, bean slicers were invented. The cook places the green bean into the bean slicer which holds it in place. Then with a pressing action, the gadget slices the bean evenly and perfectly. Chalet also offers a great bean slicer.

Rotating Spaghetti Fork

Have you ever tried to pick up spaghetti with a fork? Often it slides off unless you twist the fork so as to wind the spaghetti into a spool. The problem is that this is a bit of extra effort and can be a bit tricky for young children to master perfectly. A rotating spaghetti fork does the work for you. The fork head is turned by electrical action and automatically winds the spaghetti around the spoon. A kitchen appliance company called Magpie offers the perfect rotating spaghetti fork.

Mango Cutter

If you have ever eaten a Mango, you know that it can be a strangely dense and difficult sort of fruit in many respects. The fruit of the mango is arranged around a dense pit or core that does not yield too willingly. A mango cutter takes the surrounding fruit meat off of the core in one quick and efficient motion. While doing so it also slices the fruit in half for good measure. A company called Avanti makes this tool, and it can be purchased from Chalet. This item is made from stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, has easy grip handles, and is simple to use.

These are only a few examples of the innovative kitchen gadgets available. Check the websites of kitchenware suppliers to find these and other handy and intriguing kitchen devices. You’ll probably enjoy your kitchen more with a few fun and quirky gadgets!

For all your shopping and gift needs, shop online. Most of your favourite Australian and international brands and retailers like Chalet and Magpie now have online boutiques for you to browse and buy all your home and kitchen essentials with just a few easy clicks.

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