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Published: 06th January 2011
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Itís now easier than ever to shop online and import international clothing brands. And thereís something exciting and novel about being able to do so. But thereís also a lot to be said for supporting our local Australian designers and clothing brands. While online shopping is an important addition to the retail industry for people that live in remote areas, there are a number of online sites that specialise in Australian clothing products. The Australian fashion industry is creative, innovative and all our own! So hereís why we should buy local when it comes to our clothing.

- Support Australian products. Australia is a proud nation. We fiercely defend and support our culture, lifestyle and national treasures such as film and sporting stars. This pride and support should also extend to our home-grown fashion designers and clothing brands. Support fosters growth and creativity, and will help Australians continue to produce quality and creative garments and clothing labels that are coveted and recognised by the rest of the world.

- Make it grow. By supporting Australian designers, the Australian fashion industry grows. And the more local support we have, the greater the international interest and acknowledgement. Australia might be a faraway land, but its local designers such as Charlie Brown and Samantha Wills have much to offer the international fashion world. By increasing the profiles of Australian fashion designers and brands such as Wish clothing the Australian fashion industry will grow and flourish.

- Internal profits. Rather than spending money on boosting foreign clothing brands and designers, keeping the profits within the Australian economy will also boost and advance the industry.

If youíre a proud Australian and want to support local products and businesses, then extend that support to the Australian fashion industry. Even if you canít get to local retailers, there are a number of online Australian based clothing sites that can benefit from your business.

Be a true-blue Aussie and wear Australian brands with pride!

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