Scott Jamieson


Guide to Spotting Knockoff Shoes

01st March 2010
With celebrities and designers incorporating sneakers and trainers into their everyday wardrobes, everyone is keen to get their hands on the latest styles and trends. However, before you plunk down $400 for the newest pair of men's sneakers, do you really... Read >

The Luxury Car Tax

08th February 2010
The best of the best, the cream of the crop - we're talking about beautiful prestige cars like Aston Martins, Porsches and the regal Rolls Royce. While these cars generally come with a sizable price tag, buyers of prestige vehicles will also be familiar w... Read >

Should you put down a Deposit for a Used Car?

08th February 2010
You've found the car of your dreams. It has all the extras and features you've been dying for, and it's even the right colour. You've inspected it in person and it looks absolutely stunning and drives like a dream. So when then seller asks you for a $1000... Read >

How to increase the permanence your digital photo prints

22nd September 2009
Home photo printing is a great way to turn your digital photos into a long-lasting memory. But how do you best store or display your photos and enhance print permanence? Here 4 easy ways to improve the life of your digital photos from a photo printer: ... Read >

What lenses do I need for portrait photography?

31st July 2009
Portrait photography is all about the subject. Most portrait shots will blur or soften the background so the subject completely dominates the photograph. To achieve this effect, lenses between 50mm and 135mm lenses are often used. Standard zoom lenses... Read >

Canon multifunction device - ImageRUNNER iR1024iF

19th March 2009
For solutions that is space, time and money efficient, the imageRUNNER iR1024iF is in a league of its own. Ideal for small offices, this 256MB multifunction device brings advanced, eco-friendly communication technology right to your desktop. And it only t... Read >
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