New pants and jeans styles for women in 2011

Published: 04th May 2011
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The new season brings new styles in pants and jeans for women. Moving beyond some of the tighter fits and lower rises of the recent past, 2011 is incorporating interesting new and recycled design elements into women's fashion. Here are some of the latest trends for spring and summer.

* Higher Waistlines

Invoking similar style elements of the bohemian 70's era, we're seeing higher waistlines than in previous years. Denim and pants with rises reaching above or almost to the bellybutton work to offer an element of sophistication to both everyday t-shirts and button-up blouses. They’re perfect for those who struggle with the dreaded muffin top, and the newer waistlines also help to make many denim options appropriate for work, incorporating both style and a bit more modesty than the hip-skimming, undies-flashing low-rise jeans of previous seasons.

* Wide-Legged Pants

Moving away from the skinny jeans and zipped ankles of past seasons, women’s pants are taking on a wider and more forgiving shape. Incorporating the higher rise, wide-legged pants give the illusion of a nipped in waist and lengthened leg, while the generous fabric helps accentuate curves and mask flaws for that feminine confidence.

* Capri Pants

In both women’s pants and denim, shorter is the style for spring. Whether tailored and cropped to just above the ankle or rolled up to just below the calf, women’s online clothing retailers are offering a variety of options in many cropped cuts and shapes. Seen in solid and printed fabrics, from linen and chambray to denim and cotton, capri pants are certainly the essential trend for 2011.

* Pleated Trousers

Moving further away from slim and sleek skinny pants of last year, another new trend in women’s pants is pleats. Pleated-front pants offer an option for style and comfort with more room for error, and a big meal, while still maintaining style and sophistication. Pleats paired with the spring capri trend afford an effortless, casual look that can be worn from the office to the beach.

Moving beyond the body skimming shapes of recent years, pants and jeans styles for 2011 offer stylish and wearable options for women of all shapes and sizes.

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