How to increase the permanence your digital photo prints

Published: 22nd September 2009
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Home photo printing is a great way to turn your digital photos into a long-lasting memory. But how do you best store or display your photos and enhance print permanence? Here 4 easy ways to improve the life of your digital photos from a photo printer:

- Use compatible photo paper

The quality and permanence of inkjet images depend largely on the properties of the paper, not just the photo printer ink. When printing with Canon inks, be sure to use compatible photo paper such as Photo Paper Pro PR-101, which has an ink absorption layer-one of the keys to image quality-with a smooth surface, for glossiness and sharpness that rival silver halide photographs.

In an accelerated mixed gas test, Canon's ChromaLife100 inks that were printed on compatible photo paper provided an image permanence of an additional ten years.

- Frame photos under glass or plastic
In a recent study conducted by independent research group, Wilhelm Research, Canon photo printer inks were found to last more than 100 years in an accelerated unprotected ozone exposure test. But when digital prints were displayed in photo frames with UV filters, the lifespan increased to more than 250 years! These results show that by implementing simple measures (such as using photo albums or glass photo frames), you can easily prolong your digital prints from your photo printer.

- Keep photos under low light
The life of prints is significantly shortened when they are placed under high illumination. Ideally, photo prints should be kept out of direct sunlight, bare-bulb fluorescent lamps (which emit UV radiation and increases fading), and stored in plastic sleeves or encased in glass frames.

- Keep prints out of high humidity.
If inkjet images are left in an environment with high humidity, residual solvents in the ink absorption layer of the paper absorb air moisture and cause the dyes to move.

Canon's ChromaLife100 photo printer inks use solvents with a high evaporation rate and low absorption rate. Combined with Professional Photo Paper, humidity fastness is improved compared to conventional inks.

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