Great Gadget Gift Ideas for the Technophile

Published: 18th April 2011
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The technophile is in love with cool gadgets. There are some amazing gadgets out there that will satisfy even the hardest to please technophile. What technophiles really want are newfangled gizmos that are truly inventive and unique. That's what they'll find in these state-of-the-art digital and nondigital gadgets listed below.

• Gadgets for the home. There are some incredible items here. They include a desktop vacuum robot that cleans desks and work surfaces, a bed fan that circulates cool air while you sleep, an egg blower that blows off the outer shell layer of a hard boiled egg, and a 7UP diversion can money safe. Someone has also invented a talking toilet paper roll holder, an LED light for kitchen and bathroom taps, a laser parking system for an automated garage door opener, and an ultrasonic pest repellent that works using harmless microwave signals.

• Gadgets for the outdoors. Some of these spectacular gadgets include a personalized remote control miniature replica of the Goodyear blimp, a video camera spy cam in an ultra slimline pen, and a self-contained emergency automotive mobile phone charger that runs off the vehicle's global positioning navigational system. For the golf-player, there’s a beverage cooler shaped like a golf club that they can carry around in their golf pack. If they like to take photos on the go, there are digital video eyeglasses to take high clarity, colour video images of any outdoor situation, event, person or thing.

• Gadgets for the environment. These include a mini refrigerator that runs off solar power, a weather glass barometer that functions accurately with either microwave or solar energy, and LED flashing neon shoelaces that come in either blue, red, yellow, orange or purple to illuminate night time walking or jogging.

If you want to move beyond simple digital cameras and computers for gadget-obsessed person in your life, gifts should be selected with care and lots of thought put behind them.
Great gadget gift ideas are considered prized possessions by the true technophile – make your wacky gift something that they’ll cherish.

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