Five Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Published: 03rd October 2011
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The tween years are a difficult time for girls. In fact, if you have a tween in your life, she probably doesn't want to be seen with you. But don't worry - you can still buy her love! Here are our top five gift ideas for tween girls.


Everyone loves music, and an iPod - or any kind of newfangled music machine - will allow her to plug in and connect to a world without nagging parents. As a bonus, they're easy to customise so they'll suit all personalities.


She probably already has a copy of Twilight, but there's an entire world of teen girl literature out there. Is she into vampires? Werewolves? Action? Anime? Don't try to guess, that way lies disaster. Just give her a gift card to an online book store and let her find something that interests her. An e-book reader is also a perfect option which will allow her to fit thousands of book titles into her school backpack.

A trip to the salon

Secretly, every girl wants to feel special. A trip to a local spa, salon, or beauty centre will make her feel pampered and important. It'll also give her a taste of the grown-up world, which *we* know is nothing special, but to a young girl it's absolutely tantalising.


We forget sometimes that tween girls weren't always moody, temperamental shape shifters. Once upon a time they were just kids who liked to play with toys. Bring back the memory of better times with some good old-fashioned fun - water guns, board games, or silly string. It's a chance to bond and you'll both get a kick out of it.


It's cliché for a reason - girls love clothes. It doesn't matter if she's glam or gothic, a cheerleader or a church-goer; the young girl in your life will define herself by what she wears.

Again, it isn't an area worth the guesswork. If you buy something that doesn't meet her approval, you might as be well be Grandma Myrtle with a hideous knitted jumper. Instead of trying to guess her tastes, why not leave that decision in her own hands? Let her peruse catalogues or online dress shops. Get her an e-certificate to Wet Seal or Supre clothing. Let her make the final call on her identity - you just provide the means. With the right attitude and a little creative thinking, you too can find the perfect gift for the tween girl in your life.

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