Choosing the best menís pants for your body

Published: 04th May 2011
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One of the most important factors that should go into buying your next pair of pants or shorts is your body type. By understanding how certain clothes fit on certain body builds, you can ensure that the clothes you buy not only good on the hanger but also on your body.

Tall Build

Pants for tall men should try to add girth and bulk in the middle because adding width takes away the emphasis on height. Buy pants with pleats or tucks in the waist area. Also, low rise pants will make the legs look shorter in proportion to the torso, thus giving a shorter appearance. Another good idea is trousers with cuffs. Cuffs add a break to the visual length of a man, thus making him appear shorter and more in proportion.

Short Build

Short men should look for pants that add length. This means no cuffs and no baggy styles. Having well-tailored pants that end at the ankle is also important. Avoid cropped pants or shorts that end mid-calf, as these will visually cut off your figure and make you seem shorter and wider than you are.

Heavier Build

Like short men, those with a heavier build will also want to emphasise length instead of width. Avoid trousers with cuffs, pleats, and tucks. These kind of pants will only make you appear bulky. In addition, buy comfortable wide leg jeans and trousers. Baggy trousers only add the illusion of weight, and skinny pants are unflattering for heavier men. Shorts should also be plain and not too short.

Skinny Build

Men pants and shorts for thin people should give the illusion of width and bulk. Pants with pleats are good for skinny builds. Be careful of baggy pants; although they do add weight, they can also make a thin man appear frumpy and overwhelmed by his outfit.

Pants are a clothing item worn by all men. Pants, therefore, must be flattering and comfortable. There is a style of pants and shorts available for all tall, short, wide, and thin men. Discovering what your style is will help you to dress and look your very best.

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