Blue-collar workers are back! The benefits of being a tradie

Published: 21st June 2010
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In Australia, &'tradie' is a colloquial term used to describe our blue collar workers who specialise in a trade -whether that be plumbing, electric work, carpentry, mechanics, stonemasonry or locksmithing (amongst a long list of others!). As a profession, the tradie has experienced a renaissance in the past five years or so, with recent surveys ranking tradesman as the most desirable profession, and tradies the most desirable professionals! We can all recognise a tradie when we see one - the KingGee work wear, the fluorescent workmen vests, and the trusty ute - they're an essential part of the Aussie landscape. But how did they climb to the top of the popularity ladder? Here's a list of the benefits of being a tradie that has heralded the profession's revival and newfound desirability.

Skills never become redundant: Most trades never become redundant. No matter what state the economy is in, what time of year it is or what technological advancements are made, Australians will always call on the services of locksmiths, plumbers or electricians to do the work they are not skilled enough to carry out themselves. When the GFC hit, tradies fared much better than many other professions. Whereas many investment bankers found themselves out of work and out of luck, tradie services and skills were still in high demand. To acquire a skill that won't become redundant or unneeded, learn a trade today. A number of courses - such as locksmithing courses - are available to teach you the required skills.

Great working hours - set your own and work for yourself: Most tradies work for themselves, which mean they have the luxury of setting their own working hours and dictating their own working schedule. It's no wonder we often see tradies hitting the pub in the afternoon for a well-earned beverage - often they've been up very early to earn the right to do so!

Attractive to the ladies: Recent surveys by networking and dating sites have rated the tradie as the most attractive man on the singles market. Long gone are the days when women drooled over platinum plastic and flashy BMW's. It's the tradie these days, with their Mr. Fix It &'rough and ready' persona that is drawing the ladies in. Tradies ooze a certain machismo and often come to the rescue of a damsel in distress who can't fix her own plumbing or electrical problems. It's no wonder there's a plethora of new dating sites that target the Aussie tradie, such as RSVPs &'Tradie for a Lady'. If you're a male looking to stand out in the dating scene, why not consider a career as a tradesman?

Pay: Many tradies earn much higher wages than university graduates. There's no suits, coffee breaks or glamour involved, but the pay is just as good - or better - than an office job.

To jump on the tradie train and reap the benefits of the blue-collar comeback, learn a trade today. There is a range of trade skill courses available, such as locksmith courses, many of which can be taken via distance education should time not permit an apprenticeship or full time study. Gentlemen, there are many benefits to being a tradie, so get trading today!

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