A run-down of the hottest Australian shoe brands

Published: 16th May 2011
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Ah, shoes: one of the most important part of any women’s wardrobe. They create the foundation and are a major highlighting piece for many outfits, so it’s important to pick the right pair. Alas, this seems to be a very daunting task, especially when considering all the shoes that are out there. It would take forever to delve into all the shoe brands of the world, but thankfully there are many fashionable Australian brands out there for women to choose from.

• Ugg Australia. This brand of boots has enormous popularity in Australia, and its influence has spread to many other countries. These boots, mainly made of sheepskin and wool, are famed for their extreme comfort appeal and have been seen on many celebrities. They come in many different designs, including high top boots and slippers.

• Walnut Melbourne. Originally this brand focused on creating high style shoes for kids, but they have expanded their shoe creations to include style-conscious mothers. They boast a high style factor with high comfort for everyday wear, and the shoe styles range from flats and loafers to boots.

• Lipstik. This shoe brand started from the company Windsor Smith, who specialise in men’s shoes. Lipstik is proud to offer stylish, fashion-forward shoes at an affordable price. The shoes they specialise in are wedges, stilettos, and gladiator sandals.

• I Love Billy. This is the leading shoe brand in Australia. They offer fashionable shoes at affordable prices. They pride themselves on being up to date with the latest trends. All kinds of shoes are designed by this brand, such as wedges, booties, lace up boots, and flats.

• Tony Bianco. One of the leading shoe brands in Australia, Tony Bianco has been around since the seventies! They are famous for travelling the world and combining the trends they find in other countries with their own innovative styles. They work hard on quality and attention to detail and use plenty of luxurious materials. They create all kinds of shoes, such as heels, flats, boots and wedges.

This is only a brief run-down of some of the hottest Australian shoe brands and is by no means complete or comprehensive! It can be a great deal of fun to shop around and discover all different types of shoe brands out there, taking time to explore different styles of shoes to add to your wardrobe and expand your fashion sense. Happy shopping!

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